Welcome to New Hope Methodist Church.  We are just an ordinary group of people who have a keen awareness of the necessity of the Presence of God in church life that has driven our passion to pray and to “build the church in prayer”.  This house of prayer is built for the Presence of God to dwell in – not visit or look at, but inhabit.  Prayer invites the Holy Spirit to come and somehow keeps us from wandering into self-indulgent, irrelevant territory.

It is our prayer that you would come to love this two year old church in your community:  it is God’s “Hope”:   – New Hope for troubled lives: – New Hope for transformation of lives, – “new Hope” for me and my family!

the expression of His glory on the earth, and His chosen bride for the Son.  We have been an ongoing, steady flame of His Presence, kept alive by the worship and prayer of believers.  We are finding that the Presence of God just makes everything about a church work better!  It causes seekers to thirst for Truth; it turns every small group into a spiritual oasis; it leads the body of Christ to fulfill their kingdom purposes.  As the body of Christ, we desperately need the Presence of God.  We are nothing without it.

We are a Presence-based congregation seeking to glorify God through engaging worship, ministry to community needs, and by building healthy relationships.

 Take a few moments to meet our people, discover our ministries, and experience our worship celebration.

 Our Worship Service 9:00am every Sunday is an upbeat and high energy worship experience where we experience God through music:  Contemporary Praise and Worship songs as well as Traditional Hymns, drama, video and audio presentations, and powerful Biblical preaching.  New Hope services attracts folks of all ages and engages them in life-changing worship, fellowship, and learning.

 We believe worship is a lifestyle. A life lived for the glory of our Creator, not our own wants and desires. On Sunday mornings as we gather together in corporate worship we focus our hearts and minds on this purpose through songs of praise led by our musically gifted Praise Team and Traditional Hymns also enhanced by our musically gifted pianist, flutist, and mandolin:   and through Biblically based and relevant prayers and messages led by our Pastors. We focus on being a welcoming community of believers by intentionally developing an inviting atmosphere. We do not believe worship needs to be stiff or uncomfortable, but a natural extension of our lives submitted to God. We are not trying to be a consumer-based church, but a Presence-based church, sold out to inviting and welcoming the Presence of God. While other churches are seeking more people, we are seeking more of God.